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“Discover The Most Powerful Strategies To Heal faster, Reclaim Your Energy, & Eliminate Pain For Good

Now You Can Finally Heal With The Ultimate Health Reset Course

  • Have chronic pain that just won’t go away?
  • Unable to lose that extra weight?
  • Don’t feel motivated or excited about the day?
  • Can’t get to sleep, stay asleep, or wake up exhausted?
  • Often feel anxious, depressed, or emotionless?
  • Have food or chemical sensitivities?
  • Feel tired and sluggish or hit a wall during the day?
  • Suffer from inflammatory skin conditions?
  • Have persistent gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation?
  • Or just don’t feel like yourself?

67 Transformational Videos
To Support Your On Your Journey to Ultimate Health

In this self-guided course, you’ll find it easy to go at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

This is one of the most comprehensive health transformation courses you’ll ever find. And despite the tremendous amount of information contained in this course, we’ve broken it down into bite-sized videos ranging from 1 to 10 minutes in length

This micro-learning approach allows you to apply the lessons you learn with ease, resulting in a powerful and lasting health transformation.

Module 1 – Spring Cleaning​

  • How cleaning and organizing your home can improve your health.​
  • Discover the most important toxic products to eliminate in the home.​
  • Which foods to minimize and eliminate to reduce inflammation.​
  • Quality online sources of healthy & organic foods.​

Module 2 – Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

  • 20 ways to get deeper and more restful sleep.
  • How to activate healing, repair, and regeneration.
  • The fastest way to restore circadian rhythm.
  • How to balance and optimize your hormones with light.

Module 3 – Nervous System Balancing

  • How to improve parasympathetic nervous system tone through autonomic pairing.
  • The easiest way to incorporate hot & cold therapy.
  • 2 guided meditations to calm the mind.
  • 3 mind-body practices to reduce stress.
  • 3 breath work techniques to accelerate healing.

Module 4 – Digestion & Meal Timing

  • The most effective and transformative technique to improve digestion.
  • The most effective dietary strategy to improve metabolic dysfunction.
  • Strategies to reduce gas, bloating, and constipation.
  • 3 effective supplements to improve gastrointestinal inflammation.

Module 5 – Gut Repair & Microbiota

  • How to perform a 1 to 3 day water only fast.
  • Top foods to temporarily avoid while you heal your gut.
  • The most nourishing foods to feed your gut microbiota.
  • 3 top supplements to support your microbiota and a build a healthy mucosal lining.

Module 6 – Detoxification

  • 3 simple techniques to improve lymphatic drainage.
  • 3 methods to improve waste clearance and open up channels of elimination.
  • The most effective and simple system to safely improve liver detoxification.

Module 7 – Repair & Rebuild Microbiota

  • Most effective method to recycle and repair damaged mitochondria.
  • How to make new mitochondria for increased energy production.
  • Top 3 supplements that nourish mitochondria and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Using light to improve mitochondrial function.

Bonus Module I – Processing Emotional Trauma

  • Quick at-home assessment to gauge the effects of trauma in your life.
  • Understanding your personality patterns and how they affect your energy and health status.
  • How to improve connection with others and uncover what’s preventing you from deeper more secure connection.
  • 9 methods to address emotional trauma, conditioned beliefs, and unconscious thoughts.

Bonus Module II – Healthy Fat Loss

  • The effective and safest way to lose excess fat for good.
  • Most effective way to improve insulin resistance, blood sugar imbalances, and metabolic dysfunction.
  • How to eat and exercise for sustained fat loss at any age.
  • The most important factor in shedding excess weight with ease.​

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